Meet and learn about the artisans that make Natural Selection what it is. Connect to their stories and learn more about the process behind the creation.
  • LLOP Madrid

    LLOP Madrid

    LLOP Madrid is an exquisite boutique clothing brand based in Madrid. The only clothing brand available exclusively at Natural Selection. All of their creations are handcrafted by individual artisans with...

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  • Inma Peroli

    Inma Peroli

    Inma is a brand created from the love between design and crafts, between modernity and tradition, they create objects with contemporary aesthetic value, but also seek to provide identity and...

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  • 1050 Grados

    1050 Grados

    A potters cooperative from southeast Mexico and together we work to bring you closer to the beauty of our millenarian tradition. With our hands, with love and patience, we create...

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  • Mulier Studios

    Mulier Studios

    Mulier Studio is a journey back to our essence. A project born to express an inner journey back to our essence. The wax represent the intangible of this process. Stories,...

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