From kitchenware to decorative objects and lamps. Explore the versatility of ceramics.

Used as early as 9000 B.C as functional vessels ceramics are one of the most ancient industries. Our makers have honed, experimented and perfected this tradition to create some of the most beautiful objects, serving both function and providing beauty to your home.

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    1050 Grados - These elegant, natural-coloured, burnished terracotta dishes were created with the generous, versatile and resistant Atzompa clay by the master gossip Francisca Ocampo—who has been a happy member of their cooperative since 2019.

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    Ceramic jars hand made by Meri Duran in Montseny mountain. Each piece is handmade from a basic mold and made one by one using the squeezing technique. A functional object but also a cute companion.

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    A hand built stoneware vase from asterisque. Playing with the optics of dimensions and exuding a naturalism unlike most making it a stand out piece anywhere it settles.

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Discover the hand made jewelry made from porcelain figures found in markets and antique shops.

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